Right from the very beginning, MOMODESIGN has been synonymous with fabulous design, Italian style, and innovation.

Our technological DNA that in the 80s led to the creation of a range of men’s accessories, which are made out of innovative materials. These formed part of the brand’s first identity, and have continued to be passed down over time. making Momodesign an international brand that has been able to anticipate the desires of the market by creating unique objects for the protagonists of the metropolis.

We have developed our collections based on the concept of "Urban Standard", that is products designed for the expert and hedonist consumer who lives urban mobility and the city in its various aspects.

The MOMODESIGN collections combine the most extreme needs of those who ride motorbikes or bicycles with everyday urban life.


A unique heritage is the main asset of the MOMODESIGN brand, and it runs throughout the whole company strategy. The brand’s sense of uniqueness can be seen through its history, its sense of tradition, and its recognisability thanks to the reputation of its logo. With an almost 40-year-long history, the brand fuses its DNA into its innovative and versatile products, with its recognisable elegance and quality.


Creativity, uniqueness, plurality and coherence in oneself have always been the credo of the society that saw the inspiration to evolve in the change in the external world, satisfying new unexpected needs and expectations.
MOMODESIGN has been able to evolve its vocation as a design house in a life-style brand with a daily commitment to find innovative solutions related to safety and excellence of the Made in Italy.

Innovation is the soul of our brand, has roots in our know-how and is the engine that allows us to always be one step ahead and achieve ambitious goals.

The commitment to taking an innovative approach to research and safety is a permanent focus of its strategy; the brand has even developed a technology centre to continue guaranteeing high quality and innovation on a continual basis.



Watches and glasses are some of the company’s historic products, whose innovative designs have created an identity within their respective sectors.

The FGTR helmet is an iconic product that allowed the brand to achieve international recognition within the motorcycle sector and elsewhere.

The know-how acquired by the brand over the last twenty years in this sector has today pushed it to develop new types of helmets by introducing new types of helmets with the aim of offering a complete proposal, presenting  more technical premium products. In addition to this commitment in the two-wheels sector, the brand aims to develop new types of helmets for other sectors (SKI, BIKE) thus strengthening and showcasing the theme of safety and technology to its fullest.

Reinforcing their urban mobility strategy beside the sustainability, electrical products have also been developed, such as city bikes, electric hoverboards.

Today in addition to the licenses related to the life style world and to the prestigious co-branding collaborations with important companies in transversal sectors such as Bulgari, Yamaha, Fiat, we are expanding our horizons by developing new concepts that will fuse the interior design side. This multidisciplinary nature of ours has further contributed to the evolution of the brand and its recognition in various fields