Maintenance - Ski helmet

MANTENANCE OF SKI HELMETS to always offer you maximum protection, it is necessary to treat it with care. Please always respect these simple precautions: Do not use solvents or other chemicals to clean your helmet. For cleaning only use mild soap and water. Do not paint the helmet or use colouring agents of any kind on it. Do not leave your helmet near heat sources such as radiators, for example. Do not leave your helmet exposed to the sun for a long time, especially in mountain areas. Each helmet is packed in a bag produced with protective material and a cardboard box. We recommend carrying the helmet packed at least in the protective bag. Store the helmet in places where it is not subject to impact or to the weight of other objects. After use, let the helmet dry in a ventilated place at room temperature; do not use heaters or other heaters. lmportant: since the action of the sun's rays over time weakens any plastic material, we recommend that you replace your ski helmet at least every 5 years from the date thermore, a particularly intense use of the helmet may require a more frequent replacement.